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It is a well known fact that summer temperatures in our ‘Valley of the Sun’ often soar above 115 deg F and often cross above the 120 deg F area!   This kind of heat can feel devastating to those who have never experienced it before and many valley residents even experience forms of anxiety as a result. 

Winters in the area are for the most part quite mild. Because of this newcomers to the Phoenix area valley often don’t realize how important it is to have a properly maintained well operating air conditioning system until the summer hits and we get the seasons first really hot weekend. 

Then as a result of this extra heat and a lack of proper maintenance the AC breaks down.  It is so uncanny that when the AC breaks down it is almost always at the worst time i.e. on the weekend, not only the hottest day of the year but you just received planned invited guests from out of town and or a family member is is not feeling well.   

Our unique extreme temperature challenges living in the Valley of the Sun brings with it the importance of owning and maintaining finely tuned and properly pampered HVAC systems and this can not be overstated.  

It is also a fact that in the midst of our high summer temperatures – especially for very young and older folks – the importance of a finely tuned and well maintained air conditioning system is so important it  is literally considered a to be a matter of life and death in the height of our summer heat.

Don’t allow yourself to be caught in this Valley area’s lethal heat.   Click on Request Service button to schedule your system for a checkup and fine tune of your AC system today!   


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