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0:00 – Do you have a heating, ventilation, or air conditioning problem and need it fixed as soon as possible? Has it been a long time since you last maintained the HVAC system in your home or office?

0:15 – Finding the right HVAC contractor can sometimes be hard. You need to make sure they have the knowledge, skill, and experience to provide you with complete repair and maintenance services.

0:25 – That’s why we’re here to help. With a highly trained, licensed and insured team technicians, we’re proud to offer the best services in the field from sales and installations to repair and maintenance.

0:38 – We take each project with care and, we put the focus on open communication and getting the job done right the first time.

0:45– Maintaining the ventilation, air and heating systems in your home or office is the key to the longevity to your unit and effective energy savings.

0:54 – So don’t risk your money on an inefficient HVAC system.

0:57(Screen changes to a light yellow background with the Sun State HVAC (happy sun face) mascot and promotional message) Take 10% off when you call in today for AC repair or service.
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HVAC Specialists vs. Multi-Service Providers

The Crucial Difference

Looking for the best HVAC companies near you? In an industry where distinction matters, it’s common to encounter companies that offer a broad spectrum of services—ranging from plumbing and electrical work to water heaters, water softeners, handyman work and beyond. Often, these companies dispatch generalists, not specialists, for tasks outside their primary trade. But when it comes to the delicate intricacies of your air conditioning system, you might ask yourself:

Would You Prefer A Specialist ...

To Ensure Your Comfort?

At Sun State HVAC, our focus on air conditioning and heating services is backed by 45 years of dedicated experience, ensuring your home or business in Phoenix, Arizona, receives the highest level of expertise. Our specialization allows us to offer unparalleled service, with each of our certified Air Conditioning Professional Specialists bringing a deep understanding and passion solely for HVAC systems. This commitment means that every repair, maintenance, or installation is conducted with the most advanced knowledge and tools available in the industry which is why you can say with confidence, Sun State HVAC is one of the best HVAC companies near me!  WWhy Choose Our HVAC Specialists 1

Looking for an Honest Professional
AC Repair Service Company?

Quality and Integrity at Every Step: At Sun State HVAC, we pride ourselves on providing professional, honest AC repair services that you can trust. With decades of dedicated service in Phoenix, we ensure every repair is handled with the utmost precision and care. Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs, you can count on us to deliver top-quality solutions without compromise. Discover why residents of Phoenix consistently choose us as their go-to AC repair service.

We Are HVAC Pro's Born &
Raised Right Here in Phoenix AZ.

Our Goal Is To Offer the Best AC
Repair Replace and AC Services in Phoenix!

Our Goal Is To Offer the Best
AC Repair and Replace Near Me
AC Services in Phoenix!

That’s right! Sun State HVAC is owned by native Phoenicians which offers unique advantages in understanding the specific needs of Phoenix families, when it comes to keeping nice and cool even in our brutal summer heat.  Because of our deep familiarity with the area’s severe climate, we have the expertise to ensure your AC system operates optimally during the intense summer heat. Proudly serving the Valley Area since 1979, Sun State HVAC is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

The Truth About Reviews:
Are They Trustworthy?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) upholds a legacy of ethical business practices, standing in bold relief against the current surge reviews on platforms like social media, Yelp, Google, and Facebook of which can be skewed. because only the BBB verifies all reviews. As you seek out reliable reviews to inform your decisions, turning to the BBB’s authenticated feedback should be your first step. The timeless adage, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” has never been more relevant than in today’s landscape of digital duplicity and manipulated ratings. Approach pristine scores with a discerning eye and a healthy dose of skepticism.

Technicians at Sun State HVAC are esteemed AC service experts, dedicated exclusively to a wide array of HVAC repair services. We adhere to a guiding principle: “Let auto mechanics excel in their field, plumbers master theirs, and air conditioning professionals specialize in theirs.” This philosophy is complemented by the insight, “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” The truth in these words underscores our commitment to specialization and excellence, ensuring stability and unparalleled expertise in every HVAC service we provide.

Maximizing Comfort and Efficiency:
The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance

It’s crucial to understand the value of maintaining HVAC systems for optimal performance. Regular AC Maintenance not only ensures your air conditioning unit runs efficiently but also extends its lifespan, reduces energy costs, and improves indoor air quality. At Sun State HVAC, our commitment to excellence includes providing top-notch maintenance services that keep your systems in peak condition, ensuring comfort and reliability throughout the seasons.  Call, email, request a call-back or use our fast scheduling U-Schedule-it service at Sun State HVAC.

If your home or business is near a Sun State HVAC service area, it will be our pleasure to serve you!

If your home or business is situated within or near a Sun State HVAC service area, it will be our pleasure to serve you! For those outside our current service reach, please accept our apologies. At Sun State HVAC, we’re on a continuous quest to recruit top-tier technicians to broaden our service areas. Finding specialists with the Sun State HVAC standard of expertise, however, is quite the challenge.

Our preference is clear: we choose to be a company known for its impeccable reputation as the best ac repair company rather than a large entity relying on internet reputation management, buying positive reviews, and running extensive advertising campaigns to artificially boost our call volume, as is common among our competitors. Sun State HVAC is committed to integrity and quality. We steer clear of the complacency that plagues other air conditioning companies, which dilute their focus with unrelated services like plumbing and water filter sales.

If it Cools, Refrigerates
or Provides Comfort Heating
We Professionally Service, Repair or Replace it!

At Sun State HVAC, we take pride in our extensive expertise in all aspects of climate control. Whether you’re experiencing issues with your air conditioning, facing a malfunctioning refrigerator or walk-in, or in need of maintenance for your heating system, our team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to address your needs effectively.

Whether you require an AC tune-up in Phoenix, a heating tune-up, or a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan, Sun State HVAC is here to meet your needs. Our services include one-time maintenance for your central air conditioner, AC repair, heating repair, or complete removal and replacement of your existing system. If you manage a restaurant and need refrigeration repair, maintenance, or other HVAC-R solutions, we have you covered.

Make the smart choice by opting for a company with a proven track record of qualifications. Sun State HVAC has been founded, developed, and operated by the same dedicated individuals for nearly 45 years right here in Phoenix, Arizona. Trust us to deliver reliable and professional services tailored to your needs.

Contact us today at 602-867-9480 to schedule an appointment and experience the difference with Sun State HVAC.”

What About FREE Service Calls?

News Flash! There’s No Such Thing

While ads boasting “FREE SERVICE CALLS” may catch your attention, many customers have discovered that these offers often come with a catch. It prompts the question: why would the top AC repair service in Phoenix promise something for nothing?

Consider this scenario: encountering someone on the road selling a potion claiming to cure baldness, whiten teeth, sterilize clothes, and polish shoes, all for a dollar. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Indeed, these so-called “free” service calls can end up being exorbitantly expensive. Some companies may charge up to ten times more for the same repairs compared to a local, dedicated company like Sun State HVAC. Furthermore, they might not even offer to repair your unit, instead pressuring you to replace it with their “special deal.”

Let’s not become another statistic. Avoid companies investing heavily in billboard, TV, and radio ads – anywhere you look or listen. Be cautious of AC repair services that claim to be jack-of-all-trades, offering plumbing and a wide array of unrelated services.

Beware of offers that sound unreasonably cheap, like endless streams of “FREE” promotions. These are often tactics to compensate for hefty advertising costs, leaving you overcharged for the actual service.

Choose wisely. Trust companies like Sun State HVAC, where honesty, specialization, and nearly 45 years of dedicated service in Phoenix stand behind every call we answer. Reach us at 602-867-9480 and experience the difference. “Where Honesty RULES!”

We're Navigating the Digital Era:

Specializing In an Array of HVAC
Services Including:

Residential Home HVAC Services

AC Repair

Living in the ‘Valley of the Sun’ presents unique challenges, particularly during the scorching summers when temperatures soar above 115°F, occasionally reaching peaks of over 120°F. The relentless heat can leave residents feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

While winters in Phoenix are generally mild, newcomers to the area may underestimate the importance of a reliable HVAC system until they experience their first sweltering weekend. During intense heatwaves, a properly maintained and well-operating air conditioning system becomes a lifeline, offering much-needed relief and comfort.

At Sun State HVAC, we recognize the critical role of a functional AC unit in surviving the blistering summer months. Our expert technicians specialize in AC repair services tailored to address any issues your system may encounter. Whether it’s minor repairs or major overhauls, we’re equipped to handle it all, ensuring your home remains cool and comfortable regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Don’t wait until the heat becomes unbearable. Trust Sun State HVAC to keep your AC system in top condition so you can enjoy a cool oasis in the midst of the desert heat. Schedule a service appointment today and experience the difference our team can make.

Heating Repair

To our valued residents of Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the surrounding Valley areas, as well as our serviced locations, While winters in the Phoenix area are often characterized by stunning sunshine and delightful scents of desert sage, orange blossoms, and gardenias, they can also bring about chilly temperatures. Although typical winter temperatures seldom drop below the low 30s, occasional cold snaps may plummet into the high teens. The region’s low humidity exacerbates the cold, making even 30-degree temperatures feel considerably colder and causing discomfort. Sun State HVAC understands the importance of staying warm and comfortable during the winter months. That’s why our HVAC Repair Service is here to ensure your heating system operates optimally. Trust us to deliver reliable heating repair services tailored to your specific needs. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can have peace of mind knowing your heating system is in capable hands. Don’t let the cold catch you off guard. Contact Sun State HVAC today to schedule a service appointment and experience the difference our team can make. Learn more about our services and how we can keep you cozy all winter long.

HVAC Maintenance

Established in 1979, Sun State HVAC has been a pioneer in HVAC Repair Services and AC Maintenance. In fact, we were at the forefront of developing the HVAC preventative maintenance process long before other companies recognized its importance and value to customers. Unlike many larger companies that prioritize unit sales and resort to aggressive advertising tactics, we focus on providing reliable and transparent service. We understand that customers deserve honesty and integrity, especially during times of discomfort and inconvenience. Our approach is simple: prioritize the needs of our customers above all else. We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality service and customer satisfaction. At Sun State HVAC, we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers based on trust and reliability. Whether it’s routine maintenance, repairs, or installing a new unit, you can count on us to provide honest advice and expert service every step of the way. Experience the Sun State HVAC difference today and discover why thousands of satisfied customers have trusted us with their HVAC needs for over four decades. Contact us to schedule a service appointment and let us show you what sets us apart from the rest.

HVAC Replacement

Properly maintained AC units can last a lifetime, but eventually, even the best systems need replacing.

When it’s time for a new AC unit, trust Sun State HVAC, with our top-notch qualifications in HVAC Repair Services and expertise in installing a wide range of brands. But how do you know when it’s time to replace your aging unit? We’ve simplified the decision-making process with a few key checkpoints:

  1. Age: If your unit is over 10-15 years old, it may be time to consider a replacement. Older units are less energy-efficient and prone to frequent breakdowns.

  2. Repair Frequency: Are you constantly repairing your AC? If you find yourself calling for repairs more often, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to invest in a new, reliable unit.

  3. Energy Bills: Have your energy bills been steadily increasing? Older AC units tend to be less efficient, leading to higher energy costs.

  4. Comfort Level: Are certain rooms in your home consistently hotter or cooler than others? This could indicate that your current system is struggling to keep up with demand.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it may be time to consider an AC replacement. Contact us today for a quote and take the first step toward a cooler, more comfortable home.

Only Professional HVAC Services

At Sun State HVAC, we specialize in AC Repair, Heating, Air Balance, Refrigeration, and all aspects of HVAC Repair. Our team consists of experts dedicated to providing top-notch service in these areas.

Finding truly exceptional AC Repair Technicians isn’t easy, and those who excel in this field deserve fair compensation. Unfortunately, many companies have shifted their focus away from HVAC services to plumbing, leaving customers scrambling to find reliable HVAC technicians.

It’s a trend we’ve noticed: former HVAC Repair Services companies rebranding themselves as plumbing specialists, even advertising “Plumbing and Air Conditioning” instead of the other way around. This shift often prioritizes plumbing over HVAC services, potentially compromising the quality of both.

We believe in specialization. Let auto mechanics focus on cars, doctors on medicine, plumbers on pipes, and HVAC technicians on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. By dedicating ourselves solely to HVAC services, we ensure our technicians are highly trained and equipped to handle any HVAC-related issue with precision and expertise.

At Sun State HVAC, our commitment to professionalism and excellence sets us apart. Trust us to deliver exceptional HVAC services tailored to your needs. Contact us today and experience the difference of working with true HVAC specialists, “Where Honesty Rules!”

Restaurant HVAC-R

Providing Repair and Refrigeration Services to restaurants is the cornerstone of Sun State HVAC’s business. Our goal is to ensure that restaurants can meet the strict city, state, and local codes while keeping their refrigerated and frozen foods, beer, and wine at safe refrigerated levels.

Our expertise in HVAC Repair Services for the restaurant industry is rooted in our founder’s 30 years of operational experience and background in food handling. Mark Gresin, born to parents who owned and operated a family Delicatessen and Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ, understands the unique needs and challenges faced by restaurant owners.

We recognize the critical role that properly functioning HVAC and refrigeration systems play in maintaining food safety and quality standards, and our team is dedicated to providing prompt, reliable repair and maintenance services to our valley restaurants.

From ensuring proper ventilation to keeping refrigeration units running efficiently, we handle it all. Our technicians are highly trained and equipped with the latest tools and techniques to address any HVAC and refrigeration issues.

Trust Sun State HVAC to keep your restaurant running smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about our HVAC-R services and how we can help you maintain compliance with regulations while keeping your food and beverages fresh and safe.


Who is Sun State HVAC?

Sun State HVAC was born out of a desire to offer Phoenix Arizona a family friendly HVAC Repair Services, Residential Air Conditioning & Heating Repair and Service Company while also providing needed services to the Refrigeration needs of Commercial Restaurants in the areas.  Sun State HVAC was founded in 1979 by Phoenix Native and Veteran Mark Gresin.
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