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South-West Desert Just East of the Valley
View of Four Peaks Mountains is Gorgeous!

View of “The Four Peaks” located north-east of the superstition mountains, a majestic site to see and is part of the great Mazatzal Mountain Range. Elevation of the Four Peaks is 7657 feet (2334 meters) and can be seen from most places in Phoenix.

View of “The Four Peaks” located north-east of the superstition mountains, a majestic site to see and is part of the great Mazatzal Mountain Range. Elevation of the Four Peaks is 7657 feet (2334 meters) and can be seen from most places in Phoenix.


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Map of the North Phoenix, AZ area.
North Phoenix Aerial

North Phoenix, AZ is where our AC Repair Services Areas range from middle class to affluent and is approximately anything north of the I-101 and East to West Phoenix. You’ll find shooting ranges, hiking, horseback trails and the most beautiful desert views where picnicking, dirt bike riding enthusiasts and the like enjoying the outdoors.

Winter is the only time to partake in the outdoor treasures of the south west deserts because otherwise it is not only very hot – ranging into the 120 deg F and beyond – but there are also swarms of flying insects in full activity making impossible to have a nice time.

A word of caution – when hiking our AC Repair Services Areas Sonoran Desert trails be sure to pack plenty of water even when it feels cool outside, also wear tall hiking boots to protect against snake bites – better safe than sorry!

There are several wildlife predators including the Puma (mountain lion), Javelina, Bobcat, Jaguar, Rattlesnakes galore, scorpions and more and it’s not unheard of to be attacked by one! The best way to handle a confrontation is to make a very loud noise, clapping the hands, hitting a can, etc. and never run from one.   

For snakes, Stop – Look – Listen, use your senses and carrying a nice long strong lightweight stick is also a smart choice to guard against snakes and other critters.  A snake bite kit is another smart addition if you plan to do exploration hiking; be sure you have educated yourself on how to use it. 

Arizona is an open carry state so you may wish to carry firearm to protect yourself or if you are not comfortable with a firearm then consider a blank gun for the noise it will produce in case you need to disway a hungry predatory animal if one locks eyes on you. Lastly don’t forget to carry a snake bite kit and know how to use it!
North Phoenix Weather page.  
North Mountain hiking map.


Map of Paradise Valley in North Phoenix, AZ, highlighting a million-dollar home on a mountain overlooking the valley.
Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley, AZ, home to Barry Goldwater Park, is a small mostly affluent town comprising part of North Scottsdale and Northeast Phoenix and had a 2010 census population of 12,820.  Don’t let the small size fool you, Paradise Valley is home to more than eight full service 5 star resorts, top-rated restaurants, the finest hotels and shopping.

Whatever your lavish tastes might be, Paradise Valley will have an answer for you which makes it a premier destination for well-to-do tourists. This small town has one of the most expensive real estate markets in Arizona and is an extremely beautiful changing landscape area.

When you drive though Paradise Valley there is no doubt about the real wealth there. Homes on small and large acreage are beautifully designed, some are awe inspiring akin to spectacular ocean view homes along the California coast which offer expensive real estate areas the difference being here in Paradise Valley instead of ocean views, the views are of rare desert mountain and awe inspiring Southwest desert sunset views galore that this area is so well known for.  

Some of the finest dining possible and exquisite shopping is home to Paradise Valley residents who showcase a desire to live a more affluent, wealthy, and good lifestyle. Few other areas in Arizona offer this level of majestic and eclectic beauty reserved mostly for those owning a rather high level of wealth.
Paradise Valley Attractions page. 


Aerial map of Scottsdale, AZ.
Scottsdale Aerial

Scottsdale, AZ is another fun and affluent city just east of Phoenix about 5-10 miles which is on our AC Repair Services Areas list.  Depending on traffic you can get to Scottsdale within 10 – 30 minutes from about anywhere in Phoenix. Scottsdale got its name in from it’s founder, Winfield Scott in 1894 and later became incorporated in 1951 with a population of about 2000. 

As of 2014, U.S. Census Bureau estimated population to be above 230,500 and climbing. Scottsdale was coined by the New York Times as “a desert version of Miami’s South Beach” with plenty of late night partying and a busy hotel scene. 

Scottsdale’s slogan… “The West’s most Western Town”. My personal opinion is: Scottsdale is a gorgeous city full of fun, culture and affluence. Many famous persons either live here or have 2nd or 3rd homes here. If you decide to visit, be sure to go to Old Town Scottsdale and spend the day walking and visiting the many interesting and quaint boutiques, taking short rests at one or more of the coffee or sandwich shops you pass along the way. 

You can also visit the McDowell Sonoran Preserve where just about every thing that blooms in the desert is on display for your viewing, if you happen to be traveling with children the Butterfly Wonderland will be a sure treat for both you and the kids. There is a myriad of fun to be enjoyed in Scottsdale, whatever you decide to do, it’s guaranteed to be a time of remembrance.   Places to visit in Central Phoenix & Scottsdale


Aerial map of Carefree, AZ.
CareFree AZ

Carefree, AZ Carefree is a laid back town of elegance, lush desert beauty, and affluence about 20 minutes north of Scottsdale AZ just east of Cave Creek’s famous Black Mountain. If you plan to visit be sure to add a walk around downtown East Street and peruse the boutique shops. 

Local residential homes are architecturally alluring with rich desert landscaping and a myriad of activities to tantalize most anyone’s taste. Carefree itself has so much to do and see, coupled with it’s close neighbor Cave Creek, AZ just around the corner, adds to the many things a local resident can choose from in Carefree, AZ. 

Four beautiful golf courses, weekly concerts at the Town Center, choose from several fine dining or cowboy steak and grill restaurants, Farmers Market, art galleries, hiking galore, a beautiful local lake for boating and fishing and much, much, much more.

 In my opinion this is the place to live especially during the winter, spring and fall seasons in the Greater Metropolitan Phoenix but an area reserved for those lucky few who can afford such a beautiful lifestyle.
Check out more at page.


Aerial map of Cave Creek, AZ.
Cave Creek AZ

CaveCreek, AZ, CaveCreek is about 20 to 30 minutes north of Phoenix nestled around Black mountain, named because of it distinctive dark volcanic color compared to the other mountains around it. Cave Creek is a really fun town because it has after over 100 years managed to preserve its wild west character even though it is so close to other – city folk – cities around it. 

Our AC Repair Services Areas in Cave Creek was originally established as a US Cavalry stopping point in the mid 1870’s and an real Gold mining town. Many of the buildings from long ago in the west are still standing and shows the exact character of what it was like in those Wild West Days so long ago. Cave Creek is my personal favorite city in the area. I love to go there and stop at one of the famous restaurants like Harold’s Coral, 

Big Earl’s and grab one of those juicy hamburgers…. YUM YUM! You can have a nice evening out at one of the favorite places (too many to list) like Buffalo Chip and listen to live bands while playing poker, and charity trivia events. Cave Creeks elevation is quite a bit higher than Phoenix and Scottsdale so the temperature is cooler by a good 15 degrees or more. Cave Creek is probably the best kept secret around the Phoenix Metropolitan area and if you come to visit you really should not miss stopping by.
Check ot what to do in Cave Creek AZ. 


Aerial map of Anthem, AZ.
Anthem AZ

Anthem, AZ is a popular Arizona city located about 15 to 20 minutes North of Phoenix off the I-17 on our AC Repair Services Areas map. Even though it is only a few minutes North of Phoenix, the elevation changes somewhat and so do the temperatures. It’s cooler in Anthem by about 15 to 25 degrees especially in the evenings and mornings.

Visiting Anthem gives an air of freshness because it is far enough out of the (big) city to have clear clean skies and fresh air to breath freely, it also showcases that feeling of newness not only because it is a rather new city, but also because it was and is built having that fresh clean new look. 

Anthem also has many hiking trails but if you decide to go off road hiking be sure to wear high top hiking boots and take a snake bite kit with you because our mostly unmolested hiking mountain trails can and do have rattlesnakes. 

If visiting the Valley of the Sun I would highly recommend jot up the Freeway to Anthem and if you are an avid golfer, their courses are some of the most beautiful you’ll see in the state! 
Check out places to visit in Anthem AZ page.


Aerial map of Glendale, AZ.
Glendale AZ

Glendale, AZ is a city with a diverse history where cowboys, farmers and ranchers helped to shape Glendale into what is today. There is a lot to do here. Visitors can learn about the Glendale history lot’s of fun and flare. From it’s eleven Arts and Culture programs, to its claim of hottest sports and entertainment destination in Arizona. 

There is a lot of entertainment in Glendale that can be found here, Arizona Broadway Theater, Brelby Theater Company, Cerreta Candy Company to name just a few. 

Glendale has many educational institutions like ASU West Campus, and Midwestern University is also a part of our AC Repair Services Areasmap. October when Glendale hosts the Festival of Lights, an after dark extravaganza of cartoon (and other) caricatured hot air balloons on display blast their propane engines throwing big flames where the balloon glows bright in the night showing off each different one off. 

Another festival in Glendale is ‘Glitters’ holiday lights display from late November thru early January, historic downtown becomes a breathtaking display of around 1.5 million animated lights and colors. Old town Glendale occupies about a 16 block area of mostly eclectic specialty, knickknack shops, and restaurants open for your perusal. 

If you’re a golfer there are several Golf courses to choose from within just a few miles and at great prices. If you like culture there are many locations to visit and or shop for that perfect piece of history made right here in Arizona by original American Indians.
Check out visit Glendale AZ page.


Aerial map of Peoria, AZ.
Peoria AZ

Peoria, AZ has flavors of both the big city and the secluded outdoors. It sprawls from North West Phoenix up past Lake Pleasant which is one of the areas premier lakes providing water to area farmers and cities. A fantastic benefit of our AC Repair Services Areas is that even though you might be in the city it is impossible to escape the majestic beauty of the unforgiving Sonoran desert and the unforgettable sunsets and stunning cacti formations the region is long known for.  

Adventure is just around the corner for anyone who has the desire to explore this still mostly unmolested daring landscape. If you don’t know what your doing it can be easy to go out of bounds especially if the weather is warm so be sure to get good instructions first, taking along plenty of water, have a well planned itinerary and make sure someone knows where you’ll be going and when you should arrive back because as beautiful and inviting as the Sonoran desert appears, sometimes bad things can happen to the unsuspecting without a plan and some instruction.

 Peoria AZ is home to one of the finest Cactus League Baseball sports complex training facilities in the country, more about it can be found at The area is chalked full of great family and fine dining restaurant cuisines of Mexican, steak houses, ethnic, Italian and pizza, American, bar and pubs and many more. Peoria offers hotels, RV and camping parks and transportation of several different varieties. 

What’s to do in Peoria? There are many golf courses, arts and crafts centers, hiking trails, Lake Pleasant with all is activities, shopping galore and much more available to do. 

If you’re looking for a place to spend some quality time with the family in a city where just about anything is available at a reasonable price, Peoria is a good choice. You get the great outdoors, lakes, sports, entertainment, clean neighborhoods, good transportation choices and a large range of quality restaurant choices is what most of our AC Repair Services Areas have to offer. Check out visit Peoria AZ page.


Aerial map of Sun City and Sun City West, AZ.
Sun City & Sun City West AZ

Also on the list of our AC Repair Services Areas is Sun City & Sun City West, AZ built on the former ghost town of Marionette, opened with only five model homes, a shopping center, recreation center and a golf course on Jan 1, 1960, where suddenly 100,000 people showed up. 

It was such a sell-out even Time Magazine wrote a Sun City opening day event article. Sun City is an unincorporated retirement community approximately 30 minutes west of Phoenix As of 2010 U.S. Census counted 37,499 population. 

Sun City was also joined by their sister city appropriately named Sun City West another retirement community about 8 miles further west. These cities were built by developer Del E. Webb who continued to expand the cities over the years; Webb also continued on building other retirement communities in the Sun Belt in the years to follow. 

Activities you ask? There’s always something to do in our AC Repair Services Areas cities and for Sun City residents the choices are endless, from 120+ different clubs each with it’s own activities schedule to eight sprawling golf courses (5 champion + 3 executive), Sun City does not disappoint, for those who look for activities there’s always somewhere to go, something to do and someone to meet. 

Those interested to really learn more can schedule a 2 hour bus tour of the area stopping at highlights of the city like the Sun Bowl and vital community centers and several more.  More info on the Sun City area: 

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