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HVACR Replacement

HVAC systems are crucial for maintaining the ideal climate in commercial spaces, especially restaurants, where comfort and efficiency are paramount. Even the most robust HVAC systems need replacement eventually.

Turn to Sun State HVAC for your next commercial HVAC installation. We specialize in HVAC repair services and are proficient in setting up a wide array of systems suited to commercial environments. If you’re unsure whether it’s time to replace your restaurant’s HVAC system, consider these indicators:

  1. System Age: If your HVAC unit is over 10-15 years old, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Older systems are not as energy-efficient and are more likely to encounter operational issues.

  2. Repair Frequency: Constant repairs can be costly and disruptive, especially in a busy restaurant setting. Replacing an old system can be more cost-effective and less troublesome in the long run.

  3. Energy Expenses: An increase in energy bills is often a sign that your HVAC system is losing its efficiency, which can significantly impact operating costs in a restaurant.

  4. Temperature Consistency: Inconsistencies in temperature can affect customer comfort and food safety regulations in a restaurant. If your current system struggles to maintain a consistent temperature, it may be time to consider a replacement.

Only Professional HVAC Services

Sun State HVAC is your go-to expert for AC Repair, Heating Services, Air Balancing, and Refrigeration. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals committed to excellence in every facet of HVAC repair and maintenance.

Locating skilled AC Repair Technicians can be challenging, and those proficient in this domain rightly command respectable compensation. Yet, a noticeable trend has emerged where many firms have diverted their focus from HVAC to plumbing, causing a scramble among customers seeking dependable HVAC expertise.

This trend includes companies originally focused on HVAC repairs pivoting to market themselves primarily as plumbing services, often emphasizing “Plumbing and Air Conditioning,” a switch that can dilute their commitment to HVAC excellence.

At Sun State HVAC, we champion the value of specialization: just as auto mechanics specialize in vehicles, and doctors in health, we believe HVAC technicians should focus on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This dedication ensures our team is not only highly trained but also supremely capable of addressing any HVAC challenge with unmatched precision and professionalism.

Choose Sun State HVAC for a difference you can feel and trust. Our dedication to professionalism and quality stands out distinctly. Reach out to us today and see why we are renowned for delivering top-tier Professional HVAC services underpinned by integrity, where “Honesty Rules!”

Restaurant HVAC-R

At Sun State HVAC, we are dedicated to offering exceptional repair and refrigeration services tailored specifically for restaurants. Our primary aim is to assist restaurants in adhering to rigorous municipal, state, and local health regulations while maintaining optimal refrigeration for perishables, including food, beer, and wine.

Our deep understanding of the HVAC needs within the restaurant sector is informed by the extensive experience of our founder, Mark Gresin. Having grown up in a family that owned and operated a Delicatessen and Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ, Mark has imparted his firsthand knowledge of the specific challenges restaurant owners face to the Sun State HVAC team.

We are acutely aware of the importance of well-functioning HVAC and refrigeration systems in upholding food safety and quality. Our team is committed to delivering timely and dependable maintenance and repair services throughout our community.

Whether it’s maintaining efficient air quality or ensuring your cooling systems are functioning perfectly, our skilled technicians are equipped with advanced tools and methods to solve any HVAC-R problem.

Rely on Sun State HVAC to ensure your restaurant operates flawlessly. Get in touch with us today to discover more about our specialized HVAC-R services and how we can help you keep your food and drinks in pristine condition, ensuring your business restaurant hvac services remain compliant and successful.


AC Repair

It is a well known fact that summer temperatures in our ‘Valley of the Sun’ often soar above 115 deg F and often cross above the 120 deg F area!   This kind of heat can feel devastating to those who have never experienced it before and many valley residents even experience forms of anxiety as a result.

Winters in the area are for the most part quite mild. Because of this newcomers to the Phoenix area valley often don’t realize how important it is to have a properly maintained well operating air conditioning system until the summer hits and we get the seasons first really hot weekend.   Read More…

Heating Repair

Dear friends in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Valley areas (service areas).   It is true that in the Valley of the Sun winters are mostly mild, in fact they are mostly gorgeous, full of sunshine with the smell of desert sage.

In fact normal winter temperatures rarely fall below the low 30’s, and sometimes into the high teens but even so, because of the area’s low humidity, 30 degrees can actually feel much, much colder and again when it is really dry you can feel bone-shivering chills even at temperatures up into the 40’s and above!  Read More…

HVAC Maintenance

Sun State HVAC has been the forerunner in HVAC maintenance services since it’s inception in 1979.  In fact we practically invented the whole HVAC preventative maintenance process before a  few other companies even realized the importance and value of HVAC maintenance to the customer. Because of the bigger companies greedy focus on unit sales, what they do is use high dollar advertising to pull unsuspecting customers into sales funnels and then create sales tactics to close high dollar sales deals.  Read More…


Every Angle Covered - non-regular triangle ruler image with text stating 'With Sun State HVAC, you never have to worry that something might be missed.


With Sun State HVAC you never have to worry that something might be missed.

"HVAC On Steroids - image of a non-regular triangle ruler with text 'HVAC Services on steroids is what you'll receive when you call Sun State HVAC for your HVAC service.'"

HVAC On Steroids

HVAC Services on steroids is what you'll receive when you call Sun State HVAC for your HVAC service.

It's your HVAC! - Image of weigh-scales with text stating 'Is your HVAC hanging out of balance? Sun State HVAC knows how to fine-tune your Phoenix Arizona system. They're natives at it!

It's your HVAC!

Is your HVAC hanging out of balance? Sun State HVAC knows how to fine tune your Phoenix Arizona system. Their Natives at it!


A box of tools?

It takes more than that to get the most out of your HVAC system... It also takes experience and BRAINS!

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