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- Air Conditioning
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- Air Quality Control

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- Honest
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- Family
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- Quality of Being Honest
- Honor - Integrity
- Uprightness - Fairness
- Free from Deceit or Fraud
- Implies a Refusal to Lie




Hello dear friends, my name is Mark Gresin and I was born and raised right here in Phoenix Arizona back in 1950. I started Sun State HVAC also known as Sun State Refrigeration in 1979. The short story below is a clip of our History of how it all started.

As a younger person, people knew me as an ambitious, almost obnoxiously curious and inquisitive child, especially when it had anything to do with mechanics, motorcycles, electricity, and or building or repairing just about anything fixable.

That said, it is my belief that everyone on this planet has at least one gift – or even genius if you will – in some area.  For me this area is the ability to repair things in a way few other people can.

When I turned 17 (1967), because of the Vietnam conflict it became mandatory that all men of my similar age sign up for the draft. Soon after I received a letter from dear Uncle Sam stating that my lucky number had arrived and it was #11.  Instead of being drafted into the Army I decided to join the Air Force.

After being discharged (honorably), I went to work for my parents who owned and operated a well known, established and basically the only combination kosher delicatessen, restaurant, and fresh meat market in town. It’s name was Gross’ Delicatessen and was located about 3 blocks north of Indian School Rd on Central Avenue. 

Today there is a tree Nursery in the space where back then occupied a small but thriving strip center including an appliance store and a bakery named Karshs’ Bakery.

Because of simple necessity, owners and operators of restaurant businesses are always looking to find a reputable dependable air conditioning, refrigeration service and repair company.  It was considered a special blessing to find one that could not only perform needed repairs and service but who also possessed the quality of what I call “Restaurant Sense”, which basically means the company and their specialists understood the nuances regarding working around food and the importance of a clean and proper appearance especially when viewed from the customers point of view.

The task of finding a reputable AC company seemed easy in theory, but in reality, not so much.  Because of this we constantly found ourselves searching for a service and repair company that might suit our needs.  During that time the most prevalent way to search was through the Yellow Pages Book ads which is where business advertisements were found.

So like good (consumer) sheep we would find and choose the biggest, prettiest and most expensive advertisements in the book – not realizing that by choosing those companies we would be sacrificing ourselves as the ones to fork out extra $$ to pay for those expensive ads.

It seemed that we were always drawn to the companies who had the largest ad campaigns usually with a jingle or a cute catch-phrase designed to attract attention only to finally realize one day that those big HVAC&R companies have to pay for those ads and that ad money come from the customers pockets who called on them for service!

Companies like these are very easy to recognize once one becomes attuned to they’re tactics, you know… the ones that promise the moon but deliver little more than a cheap flashlight; the ones that always seem to see on the TV, on radio, billboards or flipping through a favorite magazine or newspaper.  You see them everywhere, they wear cowboy hats and do their best to deride other companies through bullying tactics line name calling.  As an example, I pity anyone with the given name Melvin!

While working in the Delicatessen Restaurant business I came to feel very strongly that there was a need for an honest and caring air conditioning company that also had integrity and some scruples.  In late 1970’s my parents were getting ready to retire so since I already had previous experience in the HVAC field and I felt a strong calling toward this career I decided to start an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration company of my own and this is when SUN STATE HVAC aka Sun State Refrigeration was born into existence.

Soon after I married an angel, Dorena, who just so happened to have a ton of experience in office management, and with her help we were able to build this business into a modest living.

Along the way we had a son, Sean Gresin, who after experiencing several different fields on his own decided Air Conditioning and HVAC-Refrigeration was where he wanted to focus his knowledge and attention.  Since then he has taken a major interest in taking SUN STATE HVAC into the 21st century and beyond.

It’s important to know that if your Phoenix, Scottsdale or other service area home is in need of service, repair, or even a completely new Air Conditioning Heating system, choosing SUN STATE HVAC to provide your Air Conditioning Repair and Service needs means you are choosing a small reputable FAMILY Native Phoenix Owned Business who will be here when you need them long after any AC service, AC repair or heating repair or air conditioning system installation has been provided!

Dear folks, those advertisements cost a ton of money and that money MUST be collected from YOU to pay for all that advertising cash.

Be careful!  Don’t fall for the fast talking sales pitch and advertisements most larger companies use to entice you into making an expensive emotional regretful decision.  They do this because they need you, the customer, to pay the costs of their full page, multi-scheduled, social media, Internet, TV, Radio and every other existing add medium that exists on this planet! These methods of getting your attention are developed by clever marketer’s at a cost of ten’s to hundred’s of thousands per month and it’s all paid for by YOU the innocent, unsuspecting shopper in need of immediate help. Make no mistake about it, marketer’s will do and say anything they can possibly think of – true or false – to get your attention to call them to your home. Once you let them in, it’s all sales tactics to get you to purchase a new AC followed by up-sale pitches from there. Don’t allow them to waste your time and break your bank account FOR NO REASON by overselling you on an A/C and other products you most likely do not need to begin with. You won’t find any of those two-step shuck-and-jive tactics here at SUN STATE HVAC. Choose wisely… Choose the company “Where Honesty Rules!” and always will. Call  602-867-9480 or click REQUEST A SERVICE CALL or ask for a FREE SECOND OPINION by having us call you! You have nothing to lose, everything to gain.  Not only could seriously save a bundle, by not purchasing things you don’t need but you can also rest assured that anything you do need will be done precisely the way it should be by the leading specialists in the industry at Sun State HVAC !

We are cooling comfort specialists able to make your Air Conditioner work properly! 

Has your Air Conditioner or Heating System it lost it’s pizazz?  Maybe it’s making noises you never heard before like groaning, ticking, whacking, hacking, screeching, whistling or a breathing hard sound?

Well… believe it or not, AC equipment is a lot like a people and people need to go to the doc for at least yearly for a check-up – some of us even go every 6 months – your AC needs to be checked-up too!  Maybe it just needs a little Honest to Goodness TLC?  

Sun State HVAC is your local AC Specialist company offering the very BEST in Air Conditioning and Furnace Service and Repair in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Anthem and beyond – Check City Areas Here

As native born Phoenicians, we are very familiar with the critical equipment issues our harsh environment presents.

SUN STATE HVAC is uniquely qualified to uncover Hidden problems and because of this we will make your AC purr like a kitten and cool like crazy again.  When it comes to real knowledge, Quality, Integrity and Honesty, that’s exactly what you’ll find at SUN STATE HVAC.

Beware, there are a lot of posers out there pretending to be AC Specialists – but they’re not!  Be especially aware of companies who advertise repairs of items that have noting to do with HVAC, these tend to be the worst offenders sending (at best) plumbers disguised as AC technicians.   What they’ll do is tell you your AC is no longer repairable and that they have a special for a brand new replacement system deal of the month.  If this happens to you call us for a  FREE SECOND OPINION and we will give you an HONEST evaluation of your current A/C system whereby 90% of the time during a 2nd opinion call we find these systems only needed a little TLC to make them run like new again!

Lastly beware of companies who advertise we’ll be there today or you don’t pay.  These companies charge you double and triple regular rate by making you purchase things you don’t need – believe me, they have various ways to take advantage of you.

Make the Smartest Choice instead!  Call the BEST Phoenix Air Conditioning and Heating repair around. 

We are where “Where Honesty Rules!”  for Phoenix, Scottsdale & more (check link for full city list).   Give us a try and you’ll see why there is never a reason to call anywhere else.   Go ahead…   you have nothing to lose and everything to gain…  Contact us now! or 602-867-9480.

Sun State HVAC Are People Who Care


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Mark Gresin

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